Strip brushes are incredibly versatile in their brush characteristics and shape and can be customized to fit almost any application. Tanis has an unmatched selection of in-stock standard strip brushes in a variety of sizes, shapes, filament material and overall lengths to meet your immediate need. We also have experience designing and custom fitting strip brushes for an endless number of applications, manufacturing in several styles, shapes and sizes.

Product Scope

The strip brush product category includes both our metal back product line as well as our stapled set PVC product line. The two different brush constructions allow Tanis to meet a broadened scope of application needs. Metal back strip brushes, also referred to as metal channel brushes, are the most economical brush to manufacture due to the simple form of construction. Stapled set strip brushes are commonly used as seals and offer the benefits of flexibility and chemical and corrosion resistance.

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Applicable Industries

Many industries rely on strip brushes to provide everything from cleaning, sealing and sorting to static control and polishing including:

Strip Brushes Applications

Due to the versatility and customizability of strip brushes, we can produce a strip brush to meet many application needs in a variety of industries. While the traditional metal back strip brushes are essential in such industries as material handling and packaging and food processing and manufacturing, stapled set brushes are finding widespread use in an increasing number of industries.

Some of the benefits stapled set strip brushes offer:

  • Reduction in weight compared to a metal back strip brush
  • Easy to transport, store and install
  • Chemical resistance
  • Metal-free for erosion resistance
  • Flexible

One of the most common applications of strip brushes continues to be weather stripping and sealing to reduce and prevent the penetration of uninvited environmental elements including dust, light, blowing dirt, sand, rain, snow, fumes, insects, and rodents. Brush seals are also extremely effective at reducing heating and energy costs.

Other than weather stripping some general applications of strip brushes include:

  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Shielding and protecting
  • Guiding
  • Wire management
  • Splashguards
  • Deburring
  • Static control

Tanis has an in-stock brush for each of the following specific applications:

  • Seals for industrial rolling steel, sectional and sliding overhead doors and commercial sectional doors
  • Controls traffic and remove footprints and vacuum tracks and spots in carpet pile grooming and conditioning
  • Seals gaps for mechanical arm on a RV to reduce dirt, air and insects from penetrating.
  • Prevents liquid mist spray from escaping a coating unit on an industrial finishing system
  • Cleans each orifice and removes debris to solve clogging problems from a liquid spray system
  • Acts as a cathode terminal contact during a plating process

Mounting Methods

Strip brushes can be easily mounted either by an alligator clip or an extruded aluminum holder. Alligator clips have prongs that wrap around the brush providing a tight hold on a section of the strip brush, while the aluminum holders are extruded in various profile shapes to match the specific attachment for the application. Metal back strip brushes slide into an aluminum holder for easy mounting.


We manufacture strip brush holders with extruded aluminum for #2 ½ #3, #4, #7, and #10 backing sizes. A flexible PVC holder is also available for #2 ½ backing size. The holders are produced with a variety of profile shapes for straight and angled mounting. The different profile shapes ensure the brush is mounted at optimal position for maximum surface contact and effectiveness.

We stock holders with clear anodized finishes and are able to finish in a variety of colors upon request. The anodized finish provides the aluminum with a naturally protective coating, strengthening the durability and extending the life of the brush holder.

Strip Brushes Construction

Metal Back Strip Brushes

Metal Backing

Metal back strip brushes are manufactured using densely compressed filaments laid down uniformly onto an unformed metal strip. A binding wire is inserted over the filament causing it to form vertically as the metal backing closes and forms into a “U” shape over the binding wire and the filament. All strip brushes are initially manufactured straight and then can be formed into many different shapes such as a coil, cup or ring style. Metal back strip brushes are the most economical brush manufactured due to the simple form of construction.

Stapled Set Brushes

Tanis manufactures stapled set strip brushes by firmly securing filament material into an extruded PVC backing with a staple. Brush products using either flexible or rigid PVC backing are available. The flexible PVC backing allows this strip brush construction to contour to different shapes and around corners, addressing problems the metal back brushes cannot.

Strip Brushes Design Specifications

Metal Backing

Tanis has nine standard backing sizes for our metal back strip brushes – #2, #2 ½ , #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #16 – ranging from .114” high x .098” wide to .688” high x .624” wide. The standard backing materials include galvanized and stainless steel. Brass and aluminum backing can be available upon request. For special sizes and tolerances, please contact Tanis.

Our fully customizable stapled set strip brushes are available with flexible or rigid PVC backing and the range of lengths, shapes, trims and sizes is unlimited. We produce many standard stapled set strip brushes to fill immediate needs and also have continuous rolls of 50’ or 100’, which can be cut onsite to meet exact length requirements.

Standard Backing Sizes (Nominal size, see specification chart below)










Backing size before forming (Inches)
.281 x .018 3/16 x .018 3/8 x .022 1/2 x .030 5/8 x .040
Backing size after forming (Inches)
.114 x .098 1/8 x 1/8 5/32 x 5/32 7/32 x 3/16 1/4 x 7/32








Backing size before forming (Inches)
7/8 x .040 1 x .040 1-1/4 x .050 2 x .050
Backing size after forming (Inches)
5/16 x 5/16 13/32 x 5/16 7/16 x 7/16 11/16 x 5/8


Unformed Metal
Strip Size

Formed Size

Overall Trim
Synthetic Fill
Size Range
Level or
Wire Fill
Size Range
Level or
Width Thickness Base
#2 .281" .018" .098" .114" .310" 2.50" .003-.012" Not Available
#2-1/2 .312" .020" .125" .125" .310" 2.50" .003-.014" Not Available
#3 .375" .022" .150" .148" .500" 2.50" .003-.020" .003-.010"
#4 .500" .030" .194" 205" .750" 10.0" .003-.020" .003-.014"
#5 .625" .040" .218" .250" 1.00" 10.0" .003-.036" .003-.014"
#7 .875" .040" .310" .340" 1.00" 24.0" .003-.050" .003-.020"
#8 1" .040" .340" .365" 1.00" 24.0" .003-.125" .003-.020"
#10 1.25" .050" .440" .473" 1.00" 24.0" .010-.070" .010-.020"
#16 2" .050" .625" .689" 5.00" 14.0" .065-.095" Not Available

Strip Brushes Fill Material

We can manufacture strip brushes using any of our available synthetic, natural or wire filaments. The type of material selected will depend upon the desired characteristics. Fill may be stiff or soft, thick or thin, repel or absorb water, chemical or heat resistant, flexible to a greater or lesser extent, and resistant to bending or abrasion.

Other filament characteristics include brush density and bristle length. Choosing a crimped filament, instead of a level or straight filament will provide a more dense brush appearance and a continuous, even brushing action. The crimp is measured by amplitude, depth of the crimp, frequency and number of crimps per inch. Level or straight bristles provide a lesser brush density appearance. The measurement of the exposed filament is known as the trim length and is the working strength of the brush.

The last filament characteristic is the trim shape, choices include:

  • Flat is the most common shape used, unless there are specific reasons for using other shapes.
  • Bevel reduces brush resistance and conforms to surface.
  • Step is used for brushing irregular or uneven surfaces.
  • Offset is a combination of trims which conforms to the surface.

Anti-Static Nylon Strip Brush - Galvanized Backing

Our Nylon Strip brushes are manufactured by securing densely packed black nylon filament into a #4 (.194” w x .205” h) galvanized steel backing. The special nylon filament includes an anti-static additive for electricity-sensitive applications.

We have 24 standard brushes with three different filament diameters, three trim lengths and one-to-eight feet in overall length. Other overall trims, overall lengths and fill materials are available upon request and our engineers can help recommend or design the right brush for your special application.

Nylon Strip brushes are most commonly used as effective gap and weather strip sealing devices to reduce or eliminate the infiltration of light, sound, dust particles and air flow for temperature control. Other applications include shielding, conditioning, cleaning, grooming and dusting.

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SKU Material Trim Length Backing Size Overall Length
MB440212 Nylon 1" #4 12"
MB440224 Nylon 1" #4 24"
MB440236 Nylon 1" #4 36"
MB440248 Nylon 1" #4 48"
MB440260 Nylon 1" #4 60"
MB440272 Nylon 1" #4 72"
MB440284 Nylon 1" #4 84
MB440296 Nylon 1" #4 96"
MB440412 Nylon 2" #4 12"
MB440424 Nylon 2" #4 24"
MB440436 Nylon 2" #4 36"
MB440448 Nylon 2" #4 48"
MB440460 Nylon 2" #4 60"
MB440472 Nylon 2" #4 72"
MB440484 Nylon 2" #4 84"
MB440496 Nylon 2" #4 96"
MB440612 Nylon 3" #4 12"
MB440624 Nylon 3" #4 24"
MB440636 Nylon 3" #4 36"
MB440648 Nylon 3" #4 48"

Other Strip Brushes