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Printing Industry News: A New Face Gives Longer Life To Brushes

Give your existing blanket wash brushes and printing brush rollers longer life with the newly-enhanced Brush ReNEW program from Tanis Brush. In the Brush ReNEW program, Tanis technicians will refurbish and refill your existing brushes to save time, money and natural resources.

When you ship your used and worn cylinder brush rollers to Tanis Brush, first, the trained brush specialists will inspect the cores to ensure they are in good or better condition and suitable for refilling. Next, the old brush face is removed, the shaft is cleaned and all hardware (if applicable) is removed. The cores are then refilled using high quality materials and advanced brush application technology. After a careful inspection process to ensure the refilled brushes hold similar standards and performance to newly manufactured brushes, these like-new brushes are shipped back to you for insertion in to your presses.

Also, be sure to ask about the Tanis Brush Ships-In-3 option to minimize press downtime and receive your newly-refilled brushes in three weeks or less from the time the brushes are received at the Tanis Brush warehouse.

In addition, journal repairs, hardware replacement and other add-on services are available upon request. Tanis Brush also offers newly-manufactured and OEM replacement parts for several major printing presses.

For more information on the Brush ReNEW program from Tanis Brush or a Brush ReNEW Request Form, please contact one of the printing brush specialists at Tanis by calling 800.234.7002 or emailing [email protected]