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Stapled Set Strip Brushes Provide Hundreds of Uses

The newly introduced product line of Stapled Set Strip Brushes by Tanis Brush provides innovative solutions and hundreds of uses for nearly every industrial and commercial brush application.

Available with Rigid PVC or Flexible PVC backing, the unique all-in-one construction makes these brushes cost effective and ideal for a wide range of uses including cleaning conveyors, sealing gaps, weather stripping, eliminating static, positioning, guiding, spraying and dusting applications as well as many other uses.

Flexible PVC backing bends to conform to curved surfaces making it easy to use almost anywhere. No mounting holes required for the clip style backing, which have a Tanis gripper channel for easy mounting onto any thin, hard surface. Rigid PVC backing holds its shape and can be drilled for mounting. Both types of strip brushes are made with black nylon bristles that are chemical resistant and can withstand their shape at a maximum temperature of 150 degrees F.

Stapled Set Strip Brushes with PVC backing are available in one-foot increments up to eight continuous feet. In addition, Flexible PVC brushes can be ordered in 25-foot and 50-foot rolls.

For more information, call a Tanis Brush Customer Care specialist at 800-234-7002 or email [email protected].