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Tanis Releases New Wheel Brush Adapters

Offering a solution to their customer’s gap in brush attachment for automated deburring, Tanis, Inc.’s engineering team created a Patent Pending Wheel Brush Adapter, a tool that simplifies wheel brush attachment to CNC machines.

The coupling works by placing the adapter plates on both sides of the wheel brush and securing the device with a bolt that runs through a centrally located opening into the shell mill holder. Set screws prevent the brush from rotating.

“After visiting a number of CNC machining centers, we saw an opportunity to make automated deburring easier for our customers.” said Todd Lien, Senior Project Engineer at Tanis, “With the products currently available, machining centers are forced to create their own solutions for securing wheel brushes to machine arms. The wheel brush adapter offers a fast and convenient alternative.”

The lightweight and very durable aluminum adapters are compatible with a range of Tanis Wheel Brushes from 4” diameter to 14” diameters.

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Brush Adapter Video

Click on the video to learn about our new Wheel Brush Adapters and how they work from our Senior Project Engineer Todd Lien.