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Tanis Releases Newest Edition Industrial Catalog

Tanis Inc., today announced the release of its latest edition Industrial Catalog, including six new products – the enhanced product line will broaden Tanis’ industrial brush offering and supply customers with a greater arsenal of product solutions. In partnership with Italian company SIT, Tanis will embolden its finishing line with new sanding tools, it will also introduce tough abrasive options, specialized production brushes and high-tech filament brush seals.

Excelling at custom brushes and engineered solutions – Tanis continues to manufacture tools that increase industrial applications’ efficiency – here is the powerful new brush line up:

CeramiX® Sanding Wheel Brushes

Ceramic Wheel Brush

Tanis’ new Sanding Brushes, engineered for Superfici machines, remove loose materials and create consistent finish. These brushes are available in both CeramiX® and Silicon Carbide. Designed for work on metal and wood. Contact us for more information.

SIT Sanding Brushes

Flex Sander Brushes

Flex Sander Brushes

Tanis now offers SIT Flex Sander Brushes for flex sanders and finishing machines – providing optimal performance paint and unwanted material removal from walls and wood. The tool can be mounted on angle grinders or drills using proper adapters. View our full line of Flex Sander Brushes or contact us for more information.

Makita Wheel Sanding Brushes

Makita Wheel Sanding Brushes

Designed for use on Makita and satin finishing machines, SIT’s Makita Wheel Sanding Brushes deftly accomplish satin finishing, sanding, texturing and structuring. Use on iron, stone, marble and wood. View our full line of Makita Wheel Sanding Brushes or contact us for more information.

Table Top Brush


Tanis Table Top Brushes support and protect flat, delicate surfaces during production. Fiber dense brushes hold product during the manufacturing process, maintaining scratch and damage free exteriors. Widely used in sheet metal fabrication, the Table Top Brushes are also important to glass panel conveying, wood finishing and other applications requiring precision surface finish. Depending on the weight of the product, Tanis will alter filament length. Tanis also offers custom engineered solutions. View our full line of Table Top Brushes or contact us for more information.

CeramiX® Wheel Bench Grinders

 Wheel Bench Grinder

Tanis’ new CeramiX® Wheel Bench Grinders are built to handle your job: high performance construction, advanced grain technology and ideal on curves. The abrasive brushes are made with a metal hub construction, offering consistent finishing action and safer performance. It uses a tough, innovative grain with advanced cutting action – up to 3 to 5 times faster than traditional abrasives. With a specialized filament density, the wheel brush is able to conform to irregular surfaces and difficult curves. Use it to tackle burr removal, cleaning and surface blending. Contact us for more information.

Thermochromic Strip Brushes

Thermochromic Strip Brushes

Through the use of innovative filament technology, Tanis engineered Thermochromic Strip Brushes – high performance brush seal with temperature gauging capabilities. The thermo color changing filament lightens from gray to white when it’s exposed to temperatures between 116 – 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for use in data centers and control rooms to detect temperature variations and save energy costs. View our full line of Thermochromic Strip Brushes or contact us for more information.

This is the 4th Edition catalog, it covers industrial, maintenance and food & beverage industries – providing an incredibly diverse offering, and Tanis offers custom capabilities for nearly all its brushes.

CeramiX® is a registered trademark of Tanis, Inc.
SIT is a trademark of SIT.
Makita is a registered trademark of Makita Corporation.