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Fruit & Vegetable Washing Brushes - Applications

New design for a fruit and vegetable washer. To provide an illustration of our brushes in a vegetable washer application we provide this example below, but there are countless equipment plans and we design brushes to any specification.


A conveyor line moves products through a washing area consisting of water sprayers and large rotating brushes; the design cleans the skin of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetable Washer


Four spinning rotary brushes also known as cylinder brushes, two above the conveyor and two below, meet to clean the product on all sides. Water sprayers are setup throughout the line. Patent EP 1 880 619 B1


The brushes can be moved up or down, trim length can be changed, or the conveyor line can have seats for perfect product fit. In general though, for more delicate washing use longer filament with softer materials and for more aggressive cleaning apply shorter filament with larger diameters.


Also use brushes to polish fruit and vegetables.