Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes - Applications

Our surgical instrument cleaning brush line provides many benefits to medical providers and surgical instrument manufacturers, including innovative filament and solution-focused designs. For challenges posed by complicated surgical instruments like micro tubes or distinctive shapes, we also offer engineering services. All this at manufacturer direct prices!

Surgical instrument cleaning brushes include:

  • Channel cleaning brush
  • Bone reamer brush
  • Suction tube brush
  • Laryngeal brush
  • Tracheostomy brush
  • Lumen cleaning brush
  • Sterilizer cleaning brush
  • Fan tip brush
  • Polypropylene cleaning brush
  • Double-ended toothbrush style cleaning brush
  • Valve cleaning
  • Nail brush

We also manufacture general cleaning brushes for walls, floors, counters and tables in order to keep facilities clean.

Surgical Instrument Cleaning


Cleaning surgical instrument devices. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Gently scrub all observable surgical debris from instrument; use brushes especially in hinged areas, jaw serrations, connectors and other hard to clean places.


Exact match brushes are essential for optimal cleaning performances. Brush diameters that are too small will not properly clean the interior of tubing and larger diameters can damage delicate surfaces. A variety of brushes are available for cleaning different surfaces.


For brushes designed for multiple use, antimicrobial filament is available, a new filament technology that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.Other filament lengths, sizes and choices are available to meet most cleaning needs.


To prevent scratching, polypropylene filament is softer and gentler than other fibers and can withstand chemical solutions. In addition, a revolutionary new brush is available that is designed for scratch resistance - it is constructed with a smooth, inseparable tip.