Case Studies

Custom Engineered Tooling for Brushes

Customers often require specialized tooling for their unique applications using our abrasive brushes. We had a customer who required a method of getting closer to a specific hole for deburring in their processes.

Specialized Designing for Blind Hole Operations

The Tanis Brush team is specialized in producing custom designed products for the needs of the industries we serve. Look at the case study below to see how we accomplished this for our client:

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company Background: The customer is a sub-contractor in the automotive industry.
  • Challenge: They required a tool to incorporate a copper center wheel with CeramiX® to get as close as possible to the bottom of the hole for cross-hole deburring operations.
  • Assessment: The current standard tooling does not allow brushes to get that close to blind-hole operations, so redesigning the tool was necessary.

The Tanis Brush Solution

The Tanis Brush team developed an adaptor that not only filled the needs of the customer but was a cost-effective solution that could be used in other similar applications.

  • Adapter Type: The adapter is made from stainless-steel for its enhanced rust and corrosion properties using a stainless-steel shoulder bolt for the attached brush.

The Final Results

The designed adaptor could go deep into the blind-hole for cross-hole deburring operations, as required by the customer.

Not only did it satisfy the customer’s specific need, but it also resulted in an adaptor that could be used by others in industries requiring a similar application.

You Know Your Business. We Know Brushes

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