Case Studies

Improved Productivity and Extended Brush Life with Nylon Disc Brush

There are times when processes can be improved to increase productivity and profit. Unfortunately, change and innovation often takes the backseat to fulfill ongoing production requirements and speed of delivery. Our customer needed a brush that was flexible enough for a particular machine while improving the longevity of the brushes.

Nylon Disc Brush for a Beautiful Finished Surface

The Tanis Brush team can produce a nylon disc brush that provides a better finish. Look at the case study below to see how we accomplished this for one of our clients:

  • Industry: Metalworking
  • Company Background: The customer manufactures kitchen countertop appliances, houseware products and consumer goods sold in department and retail stores.
  • Challenge: The solid zinc base pedestal of a houseware appliance was required to be brushed by a specific machine that did not allow for flexible brush dimensions and specifications. The customer wanted to improve the finish of the part while extending the life of the brush over the current one.
  • Assessment: We designed a brush with a different filament and brush pattern for testing based on the challenges and assessment of the customer’s requirement.

The Tanis Brush Solution

Tanis Brush provided an abrasive nylon disc brush with silicon carbide for testing purposes on a solid zinc part which granted the right brush pattern for a more beautiful finish.

We improved the parts per brush from 700 parts/brush from the competitor’s product to 1,700 parts/brush on Tanis Brush’s product.

Not only was the finished surface visibly more beautiful, but Tanis’ solution improved production throughput by nearly 250%.

  • Brush Type: Abrasive nylon disc brush with silicon carbide.

The Final Results

The improved surface finish eliminated a secondary operation to clean and buff the zinc part. Production time was reduced by three minutes per part, saving 30 hours per week in production time to brush the zinc parts. Improved brush life also cut downtime to replace the machine brush, saving over two hours of production time every other day.

Extended brush life, eliminating the secondary operation and reducing downtime improved production time and provided $115,000 in annual cost savings to our customer.

You Know Your Business. We Know Brushes

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