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Miniature Brushes - Twisted Brushes

Our Twisted Miniature brushes are single-stem, single-spiral and are manufactured by twisting a single layer of filament between two stainless steel or galvanized stem wires. These brushes can be made with a loop for hand use or with a cut off end for power use.

We offer many different standard Twisted Miniature brushes, all with a stainless steel or galvanized steel stem and brass, stainless steel or nylon filament. The brushes come in various brush and filament diameters and lengths. Tanis can also custom design a Twisted Miniature brush to meet your application needs.

These brushes are most effectively used for ultra-fine finishing, deburring, reaming, polishing and internal cleaning applications. Manual or power use cleaning can be accomplished with precision and ease on metallic and non-metallic surfaces with these brushes.

Miniature Brush