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Our CeramiX® Abrasive Nylon Teardrop Disc Brushes are designed for specific applications and require molding a specific filament grit and diameter into a urethane composite base construction. Abrasive disc brushes provide consistent and cost-effective results and bring many benefits including increased productivity and brush life.

The exclusive teardrop pattern provides near-maximum abrasive action while providing cost savings over maximum density fill brushes. We also manufacture tufted shaped disc brushes, and other patterns can be made to suit your application and needs. These brushes are available in our superior performance CeramiX® Brush Line or hard working silicon carbide.

Disc brushes can be easily mounted into automated machinery, custom-designed equipment, CNC machining centers and robotic centers. There are numerous applications where these brushes perform brilliantly including deburring, surface preparation and finishing, rust and scale removal, sand and texturing, blending surface marks and edge radiusing.

Tear Drop Brush

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