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Turbo Brushes - Disc Brushes - Abrasive Brushes

The Turbo Brush is designed to perform on small-scale flat and contoured surfaces. This brush configuration is ideal for light-to-medium abrasive action applications and is engineered for deburring, surface preparation and finishing, rust and scale removal, sand and texturing, blending surface marks and edge radiusing. Design allows optimal coolant flow.

The CeramiX® Turbo Disc Brushes feature an innovative 3M grain, providing enhanced cutting action up to 3 to 5 times faster than traditional abrasive filaments. This brush is also available in silicon carbide, a durable grain that is widely used in industrial applications and preferred for finishing ferrous metals.

Disc brushes can be easily mounted into automated machinery, custom-designed equipment, CNC machining centers and robotic centers

Disc Turbo Brush

Turbo Brushes

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