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Short Trim Brushes - Wheel Brushes - Abrasive Brushes

For increased aggressive action, select our new Short Trim Wheel Brushes. These brushes will help you tackle a range of industrial applications including deburring, part finishing, edge radiusing, surface finishing and light cleaning for ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Wheel brushes consistently have a longer brush life and less filament breakage compared to wire brushes.

Our CeramiX® Short Trim Brushes feature a 3M abrasive grain mineral - a tough, hard and self-sharpening abrasive grain with a crystalline structure that increases the life of the product. This brush offers many superior benefits including enhanced cutting action, increased throughput and consistent finish.

The Short Trim Brush is also offered in silicon carbide, a durable grain that is widely used in industrial applications and preferred for finishing ferrous metals.

Short Trim Brush

Short Trim Brushes

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