Tin Handle Acid Brushes - Paints and Parts Cleaning Brushes

Our Tin Handle Acid brushes are produced with horse hair fill inserted into a tin plated handle. The handle is compressed under immense pressure to securely clamp the bristles and extend the effectiveness of the brush when applying viscose substances, making this brush a great substitute for other brushes that may shed fibers.

We have three standard brushes available with 3/4" trim length, 6" overall length and three width options. These brushes come in standard packs of 144 units.

These disposable brushes are typically used to apply glue, acid, lubrication or coatings when the application calls for one-time brush usage. This brush is effective for soldering and seam sealing, in lead work and general-purpose cleaning applications.

Tin Handle Acid Brush

Tin Handle Acid Brushes

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