Pipeline Cleaning

The pipeline infrastructure is important to distributing the energy, chemicals and other materials to keep businesses and consumers moving, both physically and economically. There are roughly 2.4 million miles of pipelines in the US. We are proud to manufacture brushes necessary to keep this vital transportation method safe and reliable. We work with pipeline operators and service providers offering brushes used in pipeline construction, and the cleaning or inspecting of pipelines.

Stapled-Set and Strip Brushes

Pipeline pigs can be fitted with brushes to remove debris and scale inside the pipeline. Brushes are typically on plates that can be easily attached to a pipeline pig. The brush styles are either a ring brush or wrapped brush. Wire or synthetic filaments are selected based on cleaning requirements. We can make brushes from 4” to 48” in diameter in whole brushes or sections to meet your needs.

Twisted In Wire Brushes

Used primarily in flues, boiler pipes and sewer lines, twisted-in-wire brushes are smaller in diameter to clean and remove debris. Twisted brushes are also used to clean out pipes that have been stored outside removing debris before putting the pipes into circulation. Filaments can be wire or synthetic depending on the desired cleaning requirements. We produce twisted wire brusheswith diameters that will fit your application. Brush lengths can be customized as well.

Knotted Wire Wheel Brush

Wire wheel brushes are used to clean welds. We offer wire brushes from partner companies including knotted wire wheel brushes, wire end brushes and hand held scratch brushes.


If you haven't found what you need in our stock and standard brush offering, let us design a brush specifically for you.