Plate Processor Brushes - Industries

Tanis manufactures rotary plate processor brushes to OEM specifications for many of the top processors: Agfa, Fuji, Kodak and Glunz & Jensen to name a few. We furnish brushes that ship from the factory on the actual processors, for more than one OEM.

B W Processors

The benefit to you is a brush that will not need retrofitting and will perform as well as or better than the original. We supply top quality plate processor brushes at manufacturer direct pricing.

Tanis has been supplying brushes to sheetfed and web print facilities for over 30 years, and has developed working relationships with multiple press manufacturers during this time. Our ability to manufacture blanket wash, plate processor and other printing press brushes made to OEM specs has benefitted our commercial print customers around the world.

We are also well-suited to engineer a custom brush solution for our customers' applications, whether it's a hold-down or paster brush, or metal backed strip being used as a seal.

Some of the most popular plate processor brushes we manufacture are for:

  • Agfa VSP 85
  • Agfa VXP 85
  • Agfa VPP 68
  • Agfa VPP 85
  • Glunz & Jensen Interplater 85 HDP
  • Glunz & Jensen Interplater 85 HDXP
  • Glunz & Jensen Raptor 68P, Raptor 85P
White Plate Processor