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Cylinder Brushes 101

Abrasive Brushes

Cylinder & Rotary Brushes

Cylinder brushes, also referred to as coil and rotary brushes, are typically customized due to the variations in equipment and the specifications of countless applications that can benefit from cylinder brushes. 

Cylinders can be constructed as densely coiled metal back strip brushes or staple set brushes with more pattern variations to meet your specific application needs.   

Tanis can manufacture a wide selection of cylinder brushes in different sizes, filament types, and patterns as shown below.  

Cylinder Brush Comparison

Cylinder Brush: Staple Pattern Options & Terminology

Cylinder Brush Terminology

Cylinder brush application Image

Making a Coiled Cylinder Brush

Metal Back Strip Attached to Core, Shaft or Tube 

After a straight metal back strip brush is formed, the strip can then be attached to a core, shaft or tube based on the equipment need. It gets wound under tension to make a coiled cylinder brush.  

We can wind the strip brush right or left-handed at the desired pitch to establish the brush density.  

Strips can be wound in either an open wound style for a less dense brush or close wound pitch to create a dense brush face. 

Core Systems for Cylinder Brushes

Every cylinder brush gets mounted on a core, tube or shaft to perform its function. Your application and equipment will be the guide for choosing which system makes the best sense for your brush. 

Cylinder Core Systems

Custom Cylinder Brush Examples

Cylinder Brush Examples