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Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive Brushes

Premium Abrasive Brushes for Superior Surface Finishing & Precision Deburring

Our abrasive brushes offer unparalleled efficiency and versatility for surface finishing, deburring, and honing across many critical industries.

They have a reputation as high-performance industrial abrasive brush workhorses that industry professionals rely on.

Our abrasive brushes provide superior performance and versatility for surface finishing across many critical industries.

Image showing Disc Brushes

Disc Brushes

Disc brushes are ideal for flat part deburring, surface preparation, metal finishing, blending surface marks and edge radiusing on milled or machined parts. Disc brushes are easily mounted and used in CNC machining centers, robotic cells, automated machinery and custom-designed equipment.
Image showing End Brushes

End Brushes

End brushes deliver targeted brushing action to small flat surfaces or recessed areas on machined parts. They blend tool marks, deburr slots and small recessed areas, rough edges, and internal part features. Our end brushes feature bridles to prevent flaring in use and an integrated stem for easy mounting in a collet or tool holder.
Image showing Wheel Brushes

Wheel Brushes

You get great flexibility with wheel brushes. They excel in deburring and finishing irregular-shaped parts, contoured surfaces, cylinder bores and machined grooves. When looking to edge radius or blend the edges, wheel brushes are the perfect choice. 
Image showing Bore-Hone™ Brushes

Bore-Hone™ Brushes

Machining can leave behind metal fragments and burrs that adversely affect part performance. The Bore-Hone brush is a flexible and aggressive honing tool that removes heavy burrs and creates a cross hatch pattern to achieve optimal surface finishing and oil retention.
Image showing Abrasive Twist Brushes

Abrasive Twist Brushes

Twist brushes can be known by many different names – tube brushes, internal cleaning brushes, deburring tools, abrasive nylon brushes and spiral brushes. All of these names describe the many functions that can be achieved with twist brushes from cleaning, thread cleanup, blending and polishing to finishing and cross hole or internal hole deburring.

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Automotive Flyer

Automotive Flyer

Wheel Brushes

CeramiX Wheel Brushes

CeramiX Disc Brushes

CeramiX Disc Brushes