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Industries & Applications

Ask the brush experts

Building Enclosures

Applications for weatherstripping, brush seals and door seals are limitless! Tanis specializes in strip brushes for sealing, air flow, dirt, debris, rodent, insect and temperature control, noise reduction, sunlight barrier, and gap closures.

Data Center Management

Temperature and air flow control are essential for data center success along with cable seals, grommet seals and cable management, especially in raised floor scenarios. Tanis has been dedicated to keeping things cool and in control for manufacturers of data management equipment.


Does performance matter to your application? Tanis has abrasive, twist and power brushes that deliver on performance in deburring, honing and finishing including weld prep, rust, scale and corrosion removal on automotive parts. Our CeramiX® filament with 3M™ Abrasive Grain is a game changer for deburring.


The list of aerospace components that benefit from top notch deburring and finishing are endless. Add to that, the important functions of brush seals on planes, jet bridges and within the airplane hangar. Aerospace applications require exacting specifications and call for brushes that can rise to the challenge.

Agriculture & Equipment

Brushes can serve many roles in ag equipment and processes from deburring engine blocks, transmission housings, oil pans, crankshafts, valve bodies, and hydraulic cylinders to seeding, metering, planting, sorting and harvesting. Even cows find comfort in a brush!

Heavy Construction Equipment

From deburring and honing engine parts to hydraulic pump and powertrain components, Tanis is dedicated to making high performance brushes that blend efficiency and effectiveness. Our power brushes are also a great choice for removing rust, carbon, dirt and prepping surfaces, especially welds.

Power Generation

Uptime is essential for the Power Gen industry. Downtime can be caused when parts aren’t properly finished. We understand the need for brushes to perform their critical functions -- deburring, honing, or surface conditioning, prepping metal, removing coatings or paint, Tanis has a wide variety of brushes to serve your application.

Military & Defense

Tanis strip brushes are ideal for sealing and gap closures on military equipment and vehicles. Artist and detail brushes help with touch up work and applying adhesives. And don’t forget to call on our abrasive brushes to ensure critical parts always perform at their peak with a consistent finish.


It’s amazing how many medical components, tubes and instruments call on brushes for finishing and cleaning. From surgical blades, hearing aid parts, bone screws, implants, cannulation tubes, knife components and medical robotic parts to offering a wide range of general instrument cleaning.

Oil & Gas

It takes rigorous performance to prep and clean pipe welds, remove oxidation, slag, rust, spatter and pitting, deburr and hone tube ends, pumps, pipes, valves, metering tubes, threads and hydraulic cylinders and deglazing cylinder walls. Choose Tanis brushes, they consistently deliver on performance.


Metalworking is a broad category that represents the forming and shaping of metal parts and components that require precision finishing. Sharp edges and burrs that occur during creation are detrimental and that’s where Tanis brushes come in to solve for edge blending, deburring, honing, and surface finishing needs.

Food Service Equipment

Ever think, how do they clean those condiment dispensers? The answer is Tanis brushes! From cleaning dispensers and nozzles to scrubbing grills and fryers to supporting the baking process, brushes serve many important functions.

Material Handling

Need brushes for conveyor cleaning, produce cleaning, egg washing, or product transporting, guiding, holding, containing, labeling, wiping or sealing within your production facility? Tanis strip and cylinder brushes answer the call for handling functions when it comes to all things conveying!


Commuter trains, planes, cars, buses, airplane hangars, freight cars, subway doors, cruise ships, semi-trucks, recreational vehicles, camper doors, moving walkways, and elevators and more all use strip brushes to solve for sealing, weatherstripping, control of dirt, debris and air flow, noise reduction and gap closures.

Turf Maintenance

Wow, it’s a lot of work to keep real and artificial turf pristine and ready for action. Tanis brushes play an important supporting role in turf equipment from topdressing, shaping, patterning, trimming, debris and leaf removal to turf care grooming, maintenance and clean up.


Blister and bottle packaging, pill agitation, metering, moving and polishing, bottle wiping and labeling to removing and cleaning rubber off of medical glove molds, brushes serve key functions in the pharmaceutical handling process.

Window & Glass

Tanis has proved to be a great partner with window and glass equipment manufacturers. As part of the glass manufacturing process, brushes play a vital role in washing and removal of dust and debris.