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Wire Scratch & Platers' Brushes

Rocker Back Wire Scratch Brushes

A 6-1/4” handheld workhorse for scouring and scrubbing. This brush is densely packed with stainless steel filament that thrives in dry and wet environments since stainless is corrosion resistant.

Shoe Handle Wire Platers' Brushes

Our 5” hand scouring brushes are densely filled with an even trim to provide uniform brushing. Made with strong wire filaments to tackle tough jobs. Finished with a solid hardwood handle that is shaped for more comfortable brushing.

Curved Handle Wire Scratch Brushes

Our 6-1/4” hand scouring brushes offer good filament density and come with a scraper on the backside for removal of stubborn materials. Made with strong wire filaments to handle hard to clean surfaces. Finished with a curved wood handle.

Curved Handle Platers' Brushes

Our 5-1/2” curved handle platers brushes are ideal for cleaning and polishing in metal finishing, plating and general industrial applications. Offered in brass, steel, stainless steel, black nylon and Tampico to accommodate a variety of surface types.

Stove and Appliance Brushes

This 2-7/8” wire brush can be used for scrubbing and cleaning small or narrow areas. Offered in several wire filaments -- stainless steel for wet or corrosive environments, brass for scratch susceptible surfaces and aluminum, which is also corrosion resistant.