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Power Brushes

Abrasive Brushes

About Power Brushes

Power brushes – wire cup, wheel and end brushes -- are workhorses when paired with a grinder, angle grinder, drill press or CNC machine. Power brushes reduce time and cost considerations as they help reduce defects caused by material buildup, while efficiently deburring, polishing and finishing final products. 

Power brushes are ideal for many industrial applications, including:

  • Hole and cavity cleaning
  • Removal of rust, paint, slag or scale
  • Surface cleaning and polishing 
  • Pipe deburring & burr removal
  • Weld preparation & weld cleaning within chamfers or pipe heads
  • Edge blending/deburring
  • Thread cleaning 
  • Plastic flash removal 
Image showing Wire Cup Brushes

Wire Cup Brushes

Wire cup brushes come in two main styles – crimped and twisted knot. Our crimped wire cup brushes are suited for lighter cleaning and removal of rust, scale and paint. Our twisted knot cup brushes pack a more aggressive punch for tougher paint, scale and slag removal. Both are offered in carbon steel and stainless steel.
Image showing Wire Wheel Brushes

Wire Wheel Brushes

When you have a part with rounded, irregular-shaped or contoured surfaces, a wire wheel brush will perform in giving you more flexibility for finishing. Offered in crimped and knotted styles based on your removal needs. Wire wheels are great for weld preparation and removing burrs, rust, paint, slag and debris from surfaces.
Image showing Wire End Brushes

Wire End Brushes

Our wire end brushes are made with a 1/4” shank for ease of use in power tools. When you are trying to clean or deburr a tighter or smaller area, an end brush will be the perfect choice. They pack a lot of punch in a smaller footprint for cleaning or removing slag, scale, rust or paint, and tool and die finishing. Available in crimped and twisted knot.
Image showing Nylon, Tampico and Horsehair Wheel Brushes

Nylon, Tampico and Horsehair Wheel Brushes

Our non-metallic wheels come in horsehair, Tampico and 6/12 nylon filaments for use on soft or scratch susceptible surfaces and applications such as polishing, smoothing and finish treating. Depending on the filament, non-metallic wheels can be used in wet and dry environments.
Image showing Copper Center Crimped Wire Wheels

Copper Center Crimped Wire Wheels

Offered in smaller brush diameters, our Copper Center Wire Wheels serve as the perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas. Suited for cleaning, deburring, finishing or roughening. These versatile brushes can be used individually or mounted side-by-side to cover a wider surface area. Available in 1” to 4” brush diameters.

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