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Twist Brushes

Abrasive Brushes

About Twist Brushes

Our range of twist brushes is incredible. From micro brushes to deburring and deglazing large engine cylinders, we have you covered with our twist brush choices.  

Twist brushes are a critical component in parts finishing, cleaning and deburring in many industries including:

  • Aerospace / Aircraft Components
  • Automotive
  • Construction and Utility Equipment
  • Food Service Equipment 
  • Medical / Laboratory
  • Metal Finishing
  • Military

Image showing Micro Tube Brushes

Micro Tube Brushes

Micro tube brushes are a great choice for ultra-fine cross hole and internal hole deburring, cleaning, blending and polishing of small diameter holes. Available with a loop end or cut end. These micro tube brushes can be used manually or in power tools.
Image showing Tube Cleaning Brushes

Tube Cleaning Brushes

Our selection of tube cleaning brushes for manual or hand cleaning operations is comprehensive. We offer brushes ranging from 5-1/2” long to 42” overall length for internal cleaning, polishing, blending and burr removal. Well-suited for industrial, food service, medical and laboratory applications.
Image showing Power Tube Brushes

Power Tube Brushes

Looking for a brush to use in a drill press, power tool or CNC machine, we have you covered. Our power tube brushes are high performance for deburring, cleaning and finishing tubular components and parts, drilled holes and more. 
Image showing Bore-Hone™ Brushes

Bore-Hone™ Brushes

Machining can leave behind metal fragments and burrs that adversely affect part performance. The Bore-Hone brush is a flexible and aggressive honing tool that removes heavy burrs and creates a cross hatch pattern to achieve maximum surface finishing and oil retention.
Image showing Twist Brush Sets

Twist Brush Sets

What’s better than a single brush? A set of brushes. We have micro tube brush sets for fine cross hole deburring, thread cleaning, blending and polishing. Hand drill power brush sets for deburring and cleaning applications and mini metric brush sets.
Image showing Laboratory Brushes

Laboratory Brushes

For cleaning glass or plastic test tubes, centrifuge tubes, flasks, graduated cylinders, beakers, containers, burets, pipettes, vials, carboys and bottles. Select from a variety of brushes to clean your laboratory equipment.

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Automotive Brochure

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