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Meeting Your Needs for Over 35 Years

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Tanis is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and abrasive brushes. We take pride in our brushes and the extensive selection we offer to fit countless applications.

We also know every application is different. That’s why we work with you to customize and manufacture exactly what’s needed. At Tanis, we look for customers who want to be partners. 

Featured Products

Strip brushes offer versatility in range of applications, from sealing and weatherstripping to managing cables, transporting goods and cleaning.  


Nylon Straight Strip Brush
Straight Strip Brushes

Deliver on the promise to seal and protect. A strip brush can be used for endless applications.

Strip Brush Holders
Strip Brush Holders

Strip brush holders are used to effectively mount your strip brush to your application.

Cylinder Brush
Cylinder Brushes 

Many cylinder brushes are built by coiling a straight strip around a shaft or steel tube. 

Fuze Flex Brushes & Holders
Fuze Flex Brushes & Holders

When you need the most flexibility in your application, Fuze Flex Strip Brush is an excellent choice. 

Staple set brushes are the most customized brushes we make. From brush panels that convey products to conveyor brushes the clean, guide and transport to wheel rim cleaning and finishing fine blanked parts, the applications are limitless.

Brush Panel
Panel Brushes

Table top brush panels, or otherwise known as panel brushes, are often used to support flat surfaces by using many brush fibers that prevent damage to delicate surfaces.

Flexible Strip Brush
Flexible & Rigid Strip Brushes

Based on your application needs, we also offer flexible and rigid PVC versions of our traditional strip brushes.

Fine Blanking Disc Brush
Specialty Staple Set

 Fine-blanking disc brushes are ideal for deburring and edge radiusing on fine-blanked parts and polishing machined surfaces.

Our range of twist brushes is incredible. From micro brushes for ultra-fine cleaning to deburring and deglazing large engine cylinders, we have you covered with our twist brush choices.  

Heavy Duty Bore Hone Brush
Bore-Hone Brushes

Bore-Hone Brushes are ideal for internal deburring the surface finishing of internal bores, cylinders, cross holes and deglazing of cylinder walls.

Nylon Tube Cleaning Brush
Tube Cleaning Brushes

Our selection of tube cleaning brushes for manual or hand cleaning operations is comprehensive. Well-suited for industrial, food service, medical and laboratory applications. 

CeramiX Collet Ready Brush
Power Tube Brushes

Looking for a brush to use in a drill press, power tool or CNC machine, we have you covered. Our power tube brushes are high performance for deburring, cleaning and finishing tubular components and parts, drilled holes and more. 

Micro Tube Brushes
Micro Tube Brushes

Micro tube brushes are a great choice for ultra-fine cross hole and internal hole deburring, cleaning, blending and polishing of small diameter holes.

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