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Specialty Staple Set Brushes

Staple set brushes are truly custom brushes that are designed per application need. Staple set simply refers to how the filament gets secured with a staple into a drilled hole in a block, which could be wood or plastic. 

From cylinders, wheels and discs to square, rectangular and custom flats, staple set brushes can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, filaments, and trim lengths.

The application possibilities for stapled brushes are endless, from turf maintenance, agriculture and food processing to material handling to industrial deburring and many essential functions in between.

Cylinder Cleaning Brushes

Cylinder brushes fit numerous applications in conveyor systems, material handling, product transport and positioning and can be customized with abrasive filament for metal finishing and deburring applications. 

Round Conveyor & Cleaning Brushes

Versatile, long-life performance brushes that can be tailored to meet many needs such as conveying and transporting, glass washing and cleaning, bottle labeling, packaging canned products, and many more applications.

Transport Brushes

For ease of transporting goods, parts, and packages, transport brushes are used in a variety of applications including vibratory bowl feed lining, conveying, sound dampening, product transporting, and conveyor belt cleaning. 

Fine Blanking Brushes

Tanis manufactures fine blanking brushes that fit stationary finishing machines. Our fine blanking brushes can be customized to meet your specifications. Typically offered in silicon carbide filament for deburring and edge radiusing fine-blanked parts.

Custom Staple Brushes

Custom Round Staple Set Brush

Custom Disc Staple Set Brushes

Every application has different brush needs. We work with you to tailor the brush parameters to your equipment and specifications. This custom staple set brush is made from a wood block and silicon carbide abrasive filament for use in an industrial deburring application for the automotive industry.

Custom Staple Cylinder Brush

Custom Cylinder Staple Set Brushes

Tanis has extensive capabilities for manufacturing stapled cylinder brushes. From filament type and trim length to brush size and shape, cylinder brushes are essential to manufacturing and production operations. The brush shown features a heavier diameter polypropylene in a 6” trim stapled into a core for mounting direct to its application.  

Custom Flat Staple Brush

Custom Flat Staple Set Brushes

Tanis has broad manufacturing capabilities for custom flat staple set brushes. They can come in a variety of shapes – squares, rectangles, and custom cuts (example shown here), depending on the application. Tuft pattern, filament and trim length can vary to provide the necessary support for transporting different parts and components. Custom flat staple set brushes are a great replacement for roller ball tables as they protect surfaces from scratch.