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Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes excel in a variety of deburring and finishing applications, especially on irregular-shaped, contoured or grooved parts and surfaces. 

Metal Hub Wheel Brushes

Constructed with a metal hub to run faster, these 3” to 6” wheel brushes provide superior deburring on machined parts, castings, cylinder bores, engine cases, edge radiusing, finishing of keyways, slots, machined grooves, metal parts, and gear splines.

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Image of Metal Hub Wheel Brushes

Wheel Brushes

This series of wheel brushes are constructed with a urethane-based hub that is known for its durable, highly productive finishing capabilities. Ranging in diameter from 6” to 14”, our wheel brushes are ideal for finishing larger surface areas of machined parts, turbine and blisk blades, and finishing metal parts with an irregular-shaped or rounded surface or edges, keyways, slots or grooved surfaces.

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Image of Wheel Brushes

Small Diameter Wheel Brushes

When finishing smaller metal parts that require robust capabilities, our small diameter wheel brushes are a perfect choice. Depending upon the part size and brush function – surface finishing, deburring, cleaning or polishing – will inform the brush diameter, filament type and grit selection.

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Image of Small Diameter Wheel Brushes

Bore Brushes

Our bore brush comes in a variety of diameters from 1” to 4” to tackle cross hole and internal edge deburring and finishing. Comes standing with a 3/8” shaft diameter for ease of use in a tool holder. Designed with our CeramiX® filament with 3M™ Abrasive Grain for superior performance in application.

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Image of Bore Brushes

Miniature Wheel Brushes

Our miniature wheel brushes are used for surface conditioning, edge contouring, fine deburring, cleaning and polishing. They perform in a variety of applications such as aerospace parts, molds, hydraulics, tool and dies, Swiss machines and medical parts.

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Image of Miniature Wheel Brushes

Wheel Brush Accessories

From adapter plates and brush extensions to air motor shanks, drill press shanks and plastic bushings, these accessories support the form, fit and function of our wheel brushes.

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Image of Wheel Brush Accessories
CeramiX Wheel Brush

Abrasive Wheel Brush Guidelines

For optimal performance and brush longevity, there are operating parameters for your Wheel Brush that you’ll want to keep in mind.