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Fuze Flex™ Strip Brushes & Holders

The ultimate flexibility in brush seals is achieved with Fuze Flex Strip Brushes. With exceptional flexibility, the brush contours to irregular-shaped surfaces, solving a wide range of sealing challenges. The applications are endless.

Flexible Brushes & Holders

Fuze Flex™ Strip Brushes

A seamless strip brush for sealing gaps, temperature and debris control, material transporting, glass processing, and static elimination. Excellent for use in variety of industries such as Aerospace, Agricultural Processing, Automotive Packaging, Food Processing, Data Center and Cable Management and more.

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Image of Fuze Flex™ Strip Brushes

Twist Brushes

Fuze Flex™ Strip Brush Holders

When it comes to mounting your Fuze Flex Strip Brush, we have four different options – clip style, h profile, 90 degree, 180 degree, and clip style with a 90 degree profile.

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Image of Fuze Flex™ Strip Brush Holders