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Strip Brushes & Holders

Abrasive Brushes

About Strip Brushes & Holders

Strip brushes offer versatility in range of applications, from sealing and weatherstripping to managing cables, transporting goods and cleaning.  

  • Aerospace
  • Data Centers
  • Docks, Dock Levelers & Overhead Doors
  • Commercial Doors 
  • Residential Garage Doors 
  • Building Enclosures 
  • Agriculture Equipment  
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Conveyors, Material Transport & Cleaning
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Distribution Centers 
Image showing Straight Strip Brushes

Straight Strip Brushes

Straight strip brushes deliver on the promise to seal and protect. A strip brush can be used for an endless list of applications (big and small) and here are just a few… commercial and residential doors, dock doors/dock levelers and overhead doors, airplane doors, jet bridges, airport hangar door seals, cabinet seals, temperature and debris control, gap closures and weatherstripping.
Image showing Strip Brush Holders

Strip Brush Holders

To effectively mount your strip brush to your application, a holder is essential unless you have an existing or alternative method to mount. Available in corresponding sizes to our standard strip brush backings in extruded aluminum. Offered in a variety of styles including an h-profile, 90-degree, single track, double track, reverse angle, and alligator clip.
Image showing Flexible & Rigid PVC Strip Brushes

Flexible & Rigid PVC Strip Brushes

Based on your application needs, we also offer flexible and rigid PVC versions of our traditional strip brushes. They come standard with a direct mount backing in several profiles. Great for conveyors, material transport and sorting, cleaning, debris management, temperature control, gap closure and sealing applications. Nylon is a desirable filament for its ability to resist wear and abrasion.  
Image showing Fuze Flex Brushes & Holders

Fuze Flex Brushes & Holders

When you need the most flexibility in your application, Fuze Flex Strip Brush is an excellent choice. Unlike traditional metal back strip, Fuze Flex is made by fusing a flexible polypropylene filament to the backing, creating one seamless piece. In action, Fuze Flex has more give and bend to fit around corners, curves and angles.  

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Strip brush Sell Sheet

Strip Brush Sell Sheet

Strip Brush Catalog Cover

Strip Brush Catalog

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