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Staple Set Brushes

Abrasive Brushes

About Stapled Brushes

Staple set brushes are completely custom creations and are developed based on your application and specs. Tanis has an extensive range of manufacturing capabilities in staple brushes, offering great versatility in sizes, shapes, filaments and brush patterns. From wood to plastic and rigid to flexible, we can make staple brushes with a variety of substrates.

Staple set brushes are ideal for a host of applications in these industries:

  • Agriculture  
  • Turf care and maintenance
  • Food processing and manufacturing
  • Weatherstripping and sealing
  • Glass processing
  • Material handling and packaging
  • Metal finishing and machining equipment
  • Wood products manufacturing
  • Printing

Image showing Flexible & Rigid PVC Strip Brushes

Flexible & Rigid PVC Strip Brushes

Based on your application needs, we also offer flexible and rigid PVC versions of our traditional strip brushes. They come standard with a direct mount backing in several profiles. Great for conveyors, material transport and sorting, cleaning, debris management, temperature control, gap closure and sealing applications. Nylon is a desirable filament for its ability to resist wear and abrasion.
Image showing Brush Panels

Brush Panels

Table top brush panels, or otherwise known as panel brushes, are often used to support flat surfaces by using many brush fibers that prevent damage to delicate surfaces. These brushes are widely used in sheet metal fabrication, glass panel conveying, wood finishing, or any application where surface finish is a high priority. 
Image showing Conveyor Guide Rail Brushes

Conveyor Guide Rail Brushes

Our conveyor guide rail brushes offer numerous benefits such as controlling product speed, product protection during transport and noise reduction.