Adjustable Belt Conveyor Brushes - Rotary and Coil Brushes

Tanis offers a full line of standard stapled set brush products, and with the latest in engineering and machining technology, Tanis can also manufacture custom brushes to meet limitless specifications. The in-stock stapled set product line includes an extensive strip brush offering with flexible or rigid PVC backings and hundreds of length, trim and shape options as well as our made-to-order flat, disc, wheel and rotary stapled set brushes.

The PVC strip brushes add another element to your customization abilities and serve as a great alternative to the metal back strip brushes because of their flexibility and corrosion resistance. The versatility of brush patterns, filament choices, core materials available and design capabilities enable more brush customization options than any other brush construction. Tanis technical sales and engineering staff will work with you to ensure that you find or design the exact stapled set brush required for your application and industry.

Adjustable Conveyor Belt Brush

Adjustable Belt Conveyor Brushes

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