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Abrasive Nylon Burr Brushes are manufactured using a stainless steel stem wire in a single-spiral construction with a smooth, continuous end. This construction provides a higher filament concentration for heavier burr removal for use in drill presses and hand power tools.

Tanis offers over 40 standard Abrasive Nylon Burr Brushes using silicon carbide or our exclusive CeramiX® filament types in various brush and filament diameters, overall lengths and grit specifications. We can also manufacture different sizes and lengths upon request.

Abrasive Nylon Burr Brushes can be used in any wet or dry application in any industrial environment and are ideal for cleaning threads, debris removal from camshaft and crankshaft bores and reducing cycle time for cross-hole deburring.

Burr Brush

Burr Brushes

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