Fryer & Grill Brushes - General Cleaning Brushes

Easy-to-clean and heat resistant, our line of twisted PFA fryer brushes come in a range of handle lengths and styles. We have it covered with brushes to help clean large vat surface areas and small brushes ideal for cleaning the hard-to-reach drains, filters and heating elements.

Our line of grill and oven brushes will work on any size grill plate or oven opening and features high-temp resistant synthetic filament or brass upon request. High-temp synthetic brushes come in a number of handle lengths and have just the right amount of abrasive filament to address difficult baked on residue and grease in crevices. Our grill scratch brush is perfect for stubborn cleaning on oven bases, griddle tops and hoods.

Fryer Brush

Fryer & Grill Brushes

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