Pony Hair Detail Brushes - Paint And Parts Cleaning Brushes

The Pony Hair Detail brushes are produced with pony hair inserted into a plastic ferrule and handle. This detail brush is commonly referred to as a Lip Brush. The pony hair is a soft, short and smooth bristle.

We have one standard brush size with 1/8" diameter, 3/8" long trim and 3-3/8" overall length. These brushes can be purchased in a standard pack of 25 units.

These small brushes are designed to allow paint products to be applied lightly, smoothly, and evenly without needing multiple coats. They are commonly used in industrial or educational applications, but also ideal for the fine art applications. Soft, pony hair is a versatile fiber allowing these brushes to be popular in various industrial, painting, fine art and general-cleaning applications.

Pony Hair Detail Brush

Pony Hair Detail Brushes

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