Custom Power Brushes

Power brushes are an essential component to removing manufacturing byproducts, burrs and sharp edges to effectively reduce safety hazards and improve performance and functionality of the work piece. These surface-conditioning brushes can be used in almost any type of environment and on many different types of surfaces including steel, glass, aluminum, and wood. Tanis offers many types of power brushes including wire and abrasive copper center wheels, cup, end and conflare brushes to assist in industrial finishing processes. Power brushes reduce time and cost considerations as they help reduce defects caused by material buildup, while efficiently polishing and finishing final products.

We understand the critical role we play in providing you with products you can be more than confident in. It is because of our extensive background and experience within the industry that we understand how consistent quality, innovative brush technology, and exemplary customer service can distinguish a vendor. We specialize in manufacturing custom power brushes that become critical items in your team’s success. There are many considerations when selecting a power brush and the configuration options and specifications are seemingly endless, so let an experienced Tanis engineer assist you in your discovery process.

Power Brush