Coil and Rotary Brushes

Rotary brushes, also referred to as cylinder or coil brushes, are manufactured by Tanis in both a coiled metal back strip construction and a stapled set construction. Our product offering includes our specially designed conveyor brushes as well as our custom designed rotary brushes for specific application or size specification needs.

The metal back construction can be wound as loose or free coil for mounting on your existing equipment or we can coil and assemble the rotary brush directly onto a shaft designed specifically for you. We offer eight metal back sizes and various length, filament type and core material options. We also provide rotary brush refurbishing for coiled metal back strip brushes as a value-added service to extend your investment and ensure consistent high-quality performance. Our stapled set machining capabilities allow us to offer more versatility in rotary brush specifications and limitless stapled set configurations and patterns. Let one of our experienced craftsmen create the perfect rotary or coil brush for you.

Rotary And Coil Brush