Stem Mounted Brushes - Abrasive Brushes

Our Stem Mounted End Brush features an integrated stem for convenient mounting in a collet or tool holder. These smaller diameter disc brushes are a great choice for deburring slots or small recessed areas. They also provide superior performance in deburring, surface preparation and finishing, rust and scale removal, sand and texturing, blending surface marks and edge radiusing.

The CeramiX® Stem Mounted End Brush Brushes feature an innovative 3M grain, providing enhanced cutting action up to 3 to 5 times faster than traditional abrasive filaments. The Stem Mounted End Brush is also available in silicon carbide, a durable grain that is widely used in industrial applications and preferred for finishing ferrous metals.

Our End Brushes provide consistent and cost-effective results and bring many benefits including increased productivity and brush life.

Stem Mounted Brush

Stem Mounted End Brushes

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