Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes - Twisted Brushes

Our Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes, manufactured using a single-stem, single spiral wire construction in loop and non-loop ends, are ideal for surgical instrument cleaning. Our surgical brushes and medical brushes are ISO 13485 certified and are CE marked when requested.

Made with a corrosive resistant stainless steel stem and offered in a range of filament options, these brushes are built to meet the demands of the medical industry. Bristles are available in water resistant nylon, tough action polypropylene or antimicrobial filaments. The brush tips can also be coated where instrument scratch resistance is important. For brushes outside the standard offering, our experienced engineering team will work with you to design a brush that both satisfies your specifications and delivers optimal performance.

Use these medical brushes for tube or channel cleaning, cleaning valves of small diameters and all of your very specific medical instrument applications.

Also see our general cleaning brushes for use in medical or veterinary settings or our abrasive line for medical device manufacturing.

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush CE Registration ISO 13485

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes

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