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Abrasive Nylon Tube Brushes are manufactured in a double-stem construction to strengthen the brush for manual or power applications. These brushes work perfectly on stainless steel and aluminum parts.

Tanis has over 80 standard Abrasive Nylon Tube Brushes using silicon carbide, aluminum oxide or our exclusive CeramiX™ filament. Other specifications include brush and filament diameter, overall length and grit and we can manufacture different sizes and lengths upon request.

These brushes are ideal for cleaning and cutting and can be used to create a side-wiping action without altering the parts or bore dimensions or disturb delicate surface finishes. The brushes can be used in any wet or dry application in any industrial environment and are suited for manual use or in hand power tools, drill presses and CNC machining centers.

Tube Brush

Tube Brushes

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