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Twisted Brushes

Tanis is committed to providing a full range of standard and custom design twisted brushes, capturing the versatility in size and filament properties of this product category. Twisted brushes, also known as spiral, tube or internal cleaning brushes, are an integral component in many manufacturing and clean environments due to their effective cleaning, deburring and finishing capabilities.

Manufacturing twisted brushes involves twisting filament material between stem wires and machining the brush to the desired specifications and finished stem end. This construction method allows the brush to be tailored for handheld use as well as for use in power drills, drill presses and CNC machines. We offer a full range of fill material for our twisted brush products including synthetics, abrasive nylon, wire and natural bristle. Common stem wire materials include stainless or galvanized steel. Tanis technical sales and engineering staff is available to help you make a brush selection or to custom design a brush to meet your specific application needs.

Twisted Brush