Wheel Brush Adapter Plate For CNC Machines - Arbors Adapters Shanks - Abrasive Brushes

Tanis’ Wheel Brush Adapter Plate, designed by our engineering team to support automated deburring, allows simple attachment of wheel brushes to CNC machines. No hassle coupling is accomplished by placing the adapter plates on both sides of the wheel brush and securing the device with a bolt to the shell mill holder. Set screws prevent the brush from rotating. More than providing a means of attachment, this smart adapter also adds support to the brushes core, maximizing brush life.

Our Wheel Brush Adapter is compatible with a range of wheel brushes and specifically fits Tanis Wheel Brushes in the following diameters: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14". Ask our technical sales or engineering team for adapter’s outside the scope of our standard offering. The adapters are lightweight aluminum for durability and long life.

The Wheel Brush Adapter is made for automated deburring, a method that increases product quality and consistency, streamlines processes and increase productivity. Use wheel brushes for deburring, part finishing and sharpening, edge radiusing on parts, surface finishing and light cleaning and polishing.

Wheel Brush Adapter Plate For Cnc Machine

Wheel Brush Adapter Plate For CNC Machines

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