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Mini Disc Brushes

CeramiX® Mini Disc Brushes

Our mini disc brush is a workhorse in a smaller brush diameter. Dense filament is packed in an aluminum base with our signature resin designed for durability. Ideal for deburring and finishing smaller surface areas. Built with our CeramiX filament featuring 3M™ Abrasive Grain means you’ll achieve up to 6 times better throughput over other ceramic grains. Comes with (2) set screws for secure mounting.

Silicon Carbide Mini Disc Brushes

Densely packed silicon carbide filament in this mini disc brush is great for deburring and finishing smaller surfaces and parts. If you are looking for a smoother finish while maintaining robust abrasive performance, you’ll achieve that with our silicon carbide mini disc. Designed in a light-weight aluminum hub featuring our urethane-based resin. Comes with (2) set screws for secure mounting.

Mini Disc Brush Drive Arbor

The mini disc brush arbor is used to securely mount mini discs for use in any type of milling or CNC machine. Brush is secured to drive arbor with set screws (included). Drive arbor shaft is ½” diameter for use in any live tool holder. Coolant flows thru shaft.