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Power Tube Burr Brushes

Our selection of Power Tube Brushes will tackle your deburring, cleaning and polishing needs. For use in power tools and drill presses.   

Power Tube Burr Brushes with Continuous End

Used in drill presses and hand power tools for deburring, polishing and cleaning inner bores of tubing, machined cylinders, flat stock, smooth or threaded blind holes. Built with a single stem and continuous end.

Power Tube Brushes with Cut End

For use in power tools where heavy-duty action is required, our Power Tube Brushes are a great solution for polishing, blending, burr removal and cleaning. Built with a double stem and cut end.  

Power Fitting Burr Brush with Hex Shank

Offered in carbon steel and stainless steel, this Power Tube Burr Brush comes standard with a ¼” hex shank, providing greater strength for use in power drills and presses. Ideal for cleaning of fittings, tubing, drill holes and a variety of deburring applications.  

Side Tuft Cleaning Brushes

For cleaning and polishing threads, inner walls of tubes and cylinders. The bristle concentration provides a high degree of stiffness with little flexing during operation. To run at higher RPMs, use a holder for stability.  

Side Tuft Brush Holder

For more aggressive brushing action use a holder, allowing the brush to be driven at a higher RPM.