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Tanis Team Gives Back to Local Communities

We value our employees and community. So we wanted to highlight both.

Meet some of the people that make Tanis great and learn how they give back to their communities. To support their great causes, Tanis made small donations to the organizations of those who volunteered their experiences below.

Dan Rides for Police Dogs
Dan S.Over 15 years ago, to raise money to purchase K-9s for their local Sheriff’s Department, Dan S. and his wife started a local motorcycle ride. The first fundraiser started at 11 riders and the pair eventually helped grow the event to up 205 participants; it recently helped fund the purchase of Justice, a fully trained, $17,000 K-9. The ride is so successful they now also provide support to injured law enforcement.

Anna Entertains with the Brew City Bruisers
Anna L.Anna L. has been a roller skater her whole life, but in 2010 her hobby turned into a passion when she joined the Brew City Bruisers, Milwaukee’s girls roller derby team. Practicing 3-4 times a week and competing in front of as many as 3,000 fans, Anna is enthusiastic about both the sport and her teammates. She is also gives back – Anna coaches the All Star team and the Micro Bruisers.

Duane Donates Teddy Bears for Kids under Stress
Duane S., inspired by his granddaughter, donates Teddy Bears to the Sheriff’s Department, where they eventually go to kids in need. To collect the stuffed animals Duane held a cutest teddy bear contest last Christmas, over 20 family members participated. The bears are then given to the Sheriff’s Department and eventually used on emergency scenes where police can offer them as a comfort to kids.

Greg Encourages the Youth
For 15 years Greg F. has served on the Boards for Campus Life, Parent Life and Juvenile Justice, groups that aim to support young adults. As a part of his role, Greg advises on budgets, staffing and new programs, he helps with fundraising and also serves as a mentor to young people in need of care and guidance. Greg really enjoys helping and mentoring young adults.

Kat Crochets for a Good Cause
Using crocheting skills to make the world a better place, Kat J. helps make quilts for people who have suffered a fire. She crochets squares that are donated to the local fire department and sewn into quilts, the blankets are a comfort to those who have lost a home and are undergoing rebuilding.

Aaron Performs for the Heart
Aaron, who started an instrumental tech metal band nearly 10 years ago, is able to use his talents for a good cause. His band performed at a benefit for the Heart & Lung Association and another event to help a family who had lost their son. A drummer since he was young, Aaron formed the band through the internet, bringing together new people, creating music and even recently forming a second band.

David Volunteers to Save Lives
For 13 years, David has been a Volunteer Captain at his local fire department he is also a licensed EMT and Dive Rescue Specialist, allowing him to serve on a range of calls and emergency situations. Not only does volunteering give him the opportunity to help his community, but it also enables him to form a remarkable bond with his fellow firefighters and local police, a connection developed by mutual trust and collaboration.

Jessica Takes Care of Puppies
Jessica volunteers her time at Sandi Paws Dog Rescue, taking care of pups while they’re being prepared for a new home. At the rescue they take in abandoned or abused puppies, take care of the animals, provide shots and find them loving homes.