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IAHCSMM & Surgical Instrument Solutions

Tanis, Inc., an industrial brush manufacturer located in Delafield, WI, believes their expertise in custom design and manufacturing will provide big solutions for cleaning contaminated medical instruments, a message it will present at IAHCSMM this May 3rd – 6th. Booth 337.

A brush company with roots in the industrial and more recently foodservice markets, Tanis is now introducing a line of surgical instrument cleaning brushes.  The company is drawing on its extensive custom design experience to offer additional services with the brushes, allowing medical providers and medical instrument makers to create brushes tailored to complicated surgical instruments.

Tanis’ packaging and distribution capabilities also enable the company to offer surgical instrument cleaning brushes at “direct from manufacturer” pricing, making single use brushes now affordable.

Surgical instruments are often complicated devices, with small holes and curved shapes that are difficult to reach.  Even more, different manufacturers can produce devices in varying shapes.  To clean everywhere, medical providers can now create a custom brush – a cleaning instrument designed to fit the exact surgical device, reaching even the smallest crevices.

Tanis, established over 25 years ago, has always had customization and customer service at the center of its business.  The past few years the company increased its engineering department and emphasizes innovation.

“We have a dynamic engineering team and design processes and we have a history of successful collaboration with customers in building brushes that work best for their application.” said Mark Kappes, VP of Sales & Marketing at Tanis. “We are certain that our capabilities will provide the solutions highly desired by the medical industry.”

Tanis also offers new and innovative products.  One of the newest brushes to the medical line, engineered with an inseparable brush-tip design, reduces scratching and protects surgical instruments.   The company also stays up to date on all of the newest filament technology and brush materials, an essential component to solving application challenges.

Visit us at IAHCSMM and learn about our new surgical instrument cleaning line.  We look forward to seeing you there! Booth 337.