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New Filament Technology Gives Tanis Abrasive Brushes Advantages

Delafield, WI – Tanis, Incorporated is proud to offer an exciting new filament technology for abrasive brushes. Developed in conjunction with 3M, CeramiX® is a tough, hard and self-sharpening abrasive grain with a durable crystalline structure that increases the life of the filament.

The proprietary mineral grain in CeramiX has unique properties allowing it to wear away in smaller segments, leaving more mineral in the filament to continue to work on the part surface. CeramiX cuts three to five times faster on ferrous metal surfaces compared to traditional abrasive nylons, and it performs well under high stress and heat conditions. CeramiX™ provides multiple benefits including:

  • Enhanced cutting action — up to 3 to 5 times faster than traditional abrasive filaments
  • Increased throughput resulting from reduced cycle times
  • Brush life is comparable to traditional abrasive nylon filaments
  • Uniform filament wear and distribution of abrasive grain provides a consistent finish with controlled surface abrading action
  • Mineral wears away in smaller pieces consistently leaving more mineral working on the metal surface
  • Available in 220, 180, 120 and 80 grit sizes; in wheel, disc or twisted-in-wire brush configurations

Applications for this new filament include, but are not limited to: Deburring machined castings or parts; surface finishing on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other materials; part finishing; edge radiusing on parts or edge honing on cutting tools and inserts, light cleaning and polishing for ferrous and non-ferrous parts, deburring fine-blanked parts; rust and scale removal, scrubbing and cleaning steel and aluminum sheets.

Tanis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer with a wide offering of twisted-in-wire, staple set, strip and rotary brush products. We offer an unmatched inventory of on-the-shelf standard products, plus the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce custom brushes to suit nearly any application. Please contact Sales for further information at (800) 234-7002.