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Fine Blanking Disc Brushes

Silicon Carbide Fine Blanking Disc Brushes

Fine Blanking Disc Brushes are designed for stationary finishing machines. These discs are ideal for deburring and edge radiusing fine-blanked parts and polishing machined surfaces. Tailored to the needs of the machine and application, our brushes fit Loeser, Peter Wolters, Abtex and Cleveland Deburring Machine Company machines.

Custom Options for Fine Blanking Discs

Pictured is a customized 6” Silicon Carbide Disc Brush in a tufted pattern for use in fine blanking machines. Tanis can customize and produce a variety of popular disc brush sizes and patterns to fit your specific fine-blanking or deburring equipment for high volume production of metal parts. Our team can work through the specs with you to create the best brush solution.